Kauac means light storm. It comes from the ancient Central America idiom. Kauac is the power of nature on the move. Kauac allows the commitment between the Skies and the Earth, the dark and the light, the giant with the little, the past with the present.

Supercomputer is about Power. The domain of this tool means autonomy in all strategic areas of any nation.


Supercomputers systems are the main tool to support scientists to understand the big challenges of today.

Supercomputers process applications like oil and gas exploration, genomics, biochemistry and science of materials research, molecular modeling, rockets lunch calculations, vehicles, aircrafts and satellites engineer simulations, climatic and seismic simulations and visualizations, nuclear forces research, microchip simulations and development and other complex tasks.

Supercomputers systems are the tools to provide the insight to understand new horizons. They allow the human being to cross the line of knowledge.





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